Where MANI bodycare product are made?

All our product is made in Holland.

Where are your products shipped from?

All of our products are shipped from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

Do you ship to my country?

We aim to provide worldwide shipping, at this time, we are unable to deliver to China, South America. 

What payment options do you accept?

Depending on the country, we accept the following payment methods; iDeal, Visa and MasterCard. If you are missing a payment option for your country, please let us know as we are always looking for ways to improve our accessibility.

How do I track my order?

Once the parcel has left our warehouse, you will get a notification by e-mail from the shipment carrier containing your tracking information to track the parcel.

Can I change my delivery address?

We aim to process orders within one business day. We can only change the delivery address if the order hasn't been processed and shipped. In case the order has already been shipped, you can either change the delivery address with the shipping carrier yourself or send a request below and we will do our best to assist you.

How do I cancel my order?

If the order has yet to be shipped, we are still able to cancel your order. To do so, please contact our customer care. In case the order has already been shipped, our standard return procedure applies. From the moment you receive your order, you have 14 days to return it. If you wish to return your order, contact our customer care. Please be aware that the packaging must be in the same condition as when you received it, labels must still be attached and the cream must be sealed.

Was my payment successful?

It can take up to 24 hours for the payment to process depending on the bank and payment method you are using. We recommend that you wait and check your bank statement.

Why am I receiving a Payment Error when I'm trying to checkout?

There could be multiple reasons as to why you have received this message, please submit a request to our customer service and we will look into this.

Is my payment information safe?

At MANI Bodycare, customer security is essential. All transactions are processed through secure payment systems. Private data from the payment is immediately coded (SSL) and transferred to the bank. MANI Bodycare never shares customer information with unauthorised third-parties.

What is you return policy?

Upon receiving your order, you have 14 days to return it. If you wish to return your order, please submit a request below for further instructions. Please be aware that the packaging must be in the same condition in which you received it. Labels must still be attached and the tube must be sealed. Return costs may be applied for certain countries.

Have you received my return?

An email will be sent to the customer once the return parcel has been processed. This can take up to 7 days once we have received it.

When will I receive my refund?

As soon as we receive your return order, we will start processing the refund. This will take up to 7 business days before being finalised.

How can I return a product that was bought for me as a gift?

We can process this as a normal return, as long as you are able to provide us with the order number, or proof of purchase. Please be aware that the packaging must be in the same condition in which you received it. Labels must still be attached and the tube must be sealed. Return costs may be applied for certain countries.

The order is a gift, do you giftwrap?

All of our products are sent in a personalized MANI Bodycare's box with introduction leaflet and our signature gold plated MANI Bodycare's Key. It is nicely presentable as a gift from the moment you receive it. For this reason, we do not provide extra gift wrapping options.

My discount code does not work - what should I do?

If you are having trouble activating your discount code, please try the following:

  1. Try using Google Chrome as a browser
  2. Try using incognito mode by right clicking on the Google Chrome logo and chose Open New Incognito Window. If neither of these works please contact our customer care
Where do I apply the discount?

During checkout there is an option to add a discount code.
You can find this option above the 'place order' button, it says "Do you have a voucher code".
The discount will be deducted and the final price will be recalculated.

What special offers do you have?

To stay up to date with all of our offers, you can subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Currently we don't offer gift cards, however our package makes a perfect gift.

Do your products meet safety, health, and environmental protection requirements?

We think that respect for the dignity of the individual and internationally accepted rights is essential. For this reason, we expect our suppliers: 

  1. to never make use of child labour, forced labour or bonded labour;
  2. to always treat their employees fairly and to never discriminate on the basis of certain characteristics, such as age, race, ethnic background, religion, sex, sexual orientation or handicap, or the fact that they are parents or carers;
  3. to provide their employees with a safe and hygienic work environment and to prevent accidents and damage to the health of their employees;
  4. to allow their employees to associate freely and to conduct collective negotiations in an effective manner;
  5. to pay their employees at least the minimum wage applicable in the country in which they are established; and
  6. to keep their employees from working overtime with no extra pay and to ensure that any overtime worked is never longer than what is permitted by the law of the country in which they work.
Environment & Sustainability

Environmental considerations are an integral part of our business practices. We are committed to handling the environment with care and expect our suppliers:

  1.  to reduce the environmental damage caused by their designs, production processes, services and the discharge of waste;
  2. to promote the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies;
  3. to use dangerous substances and scarce raw materials as little as possible and, if they do, to comply with the applicable laws and regulations.
What ingredients are contained in my MANI bodycare product?

Please visit the product page, full description and ingredients list is provided. If you have additional or specific question please contact our customer care.

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